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We hope you enjoy reading through this selection from email, faxes and letters Jillian has received over the years. If you would like to send us your comments for inclusion, please contact Glass Books or Jillian Sawyer. We’d be happy to show them on our web site.


I am a professional stained glass artist at Rowe Studios in Miami. Today I purchased Butterfly. I have been an admirer of your designs since falling in love with your Faeries and Frog Song books. I love your designs because they do what I feel glass should do best - follow lines that are perfectly in balance with the demands of glass execution without sacrificing the symmetry of design. Your glass selection is imaginative and honest.
I encourage my students who have fallen in love with glass to purchase your books, attempt to build your designs and study your use of glass and color.
I guess this is a somewhat clumsy attempt to write a "fan letter", which I have never done before, but I felt the need to thank you for giving me so much pleasure with your books. There are too few times in this world when we are touched by the beauty of someone else's imagination and carry that smile away with us. Thanks again... can't wait to see what you conjure next!

Marianne Vanevic - Miami, USA

“I am writing you from Michigan’s upper peninsula with over 3 feet of snow on the ground and minus six degrees below zero last night. I just bought your new book Butterfly and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. Not only are the designs fresh, unique and inspirational, the overall presentation of the book is the best I have ever seen. The second image that is in black and white is unusual compared to the rest of my books and makes reproduction a snap rather than a chore. I find the poems and writings a brilliant addition, shows the depth and meaning that you feel for your art."
Dave Nutt - Michigan, USA

“After making many of your frogs and lovin’ ‘em, I was overjoyed when I saw you had another book out – Butterfly! Again, I am in awe. Your artistic talent and use of color is wonderful and I can’t wait to finish up all the works in progress (for other people…) in my workroom so I can get down to starting on the butterflies, for ME! Your photographer is extremely talented, also, and I enjoy your background and commentary! Definitely a class act and one of a kind!"
Linda Seaman – USA

“I just bought your last Butterfly book and I am in profound admiration before your master piece! I almost wrote to you with the publication of your Frog Song book, already being a fan of your work, but this Butterfly issue is a complete wonder … I felt the need to let you know how your work can transport the dreams into reality and affect people in such an uprising way! Thank you for sharing your work with the world. Even in Canada, with our long winter can we enjoy the vibrant colours of your talent!"
Christine Allaire - Canada

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