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We hope you enjoy reading through this selection of mail and endorsements Tessa has received. If you would like to send us your comments for inclusion, please contact Glass Books or Tessa McOnie.

Cat Designs

“Let me be one of the first to congratulate and encourage such young Australian talent as we have in Tess McOnie and wish her all the success I’m sure she has coming her way. Stained Glass designs lend themselves perfectly for my craft, Russian Punchneedle Embroidery, with my Igolochkoy™ Punchneedles. Cat Lovers will welcome Tess’s designs and will interpret them with inspiring and challenging techniques.  I love the clear outlines defining exactly what I need for my craft of Punchneedle and it is with absolute delight that I will include these in my repertoire.”
Judy Hall, Sewing/Quilting/Embroidery Instructor, Punch with Judy - NSW Australia

“It's hard to pick a favourite from this parade of 'purrrfect puddy-tats'. Oozing personality and brimming with life, they will absolutely delight cat lovers to the core. With amazing perspective & artistic skills, a humorous sense of the ridiculous and a quirky touch, Tessa captures the essence of cat right down to the last drop. Tessa McOnie - WOW!”
Jillian Sawyer, Stained Glass Designer and Author - Western Australia

I am a cat lover, and found your book on cat designs today in a fabric store. I am thrilled. I LOVE cats... Right now I'm into.... machine embroidery, a little quilting (cats of course)... and acrylic painting. My eyes just popped when I saw the book, and had to have it. Now I can dream, what to do with them.
Elmira - Oregon USA

Just love your book 'Cat Designs' - am most impressed with the huge array of beautiful cats included. I am a co owner of a patchwork and quilting shop and would love to make a quilt of your designs. Being an avid cat lover - our household currently has a Birman, Burmese and a moggie in residence (plus a Bichon Frise) I was thrilled to find your book of amazing designs.
Robyn Hendry - Still Quilting & Knitting, New Plymouth New Zealand

I have purchased your cat design book. I have two hobbies stained glass and tole painting so I am sure your book will come in handy on some future projects ... I am also a total cat lover ... I really love the cat patterns and wanted to thank you!
Lisa Desjardins - Canada

Wow, your Cat Designs Book is fantastic ... Keep up the great work and I wish you much happiness and success. I use to do stained glass but with arthritis in my hands I now decorative paint and have ordered your book. Your talent at capturing realistic characteristics is fantastic. I see you love nature. Thank you for sharing your art talent with the world Tessa *S*. Keep art in your heart and enjoy it as often as possible.
Bonnie Lucas - Ontario Canada

Meow----- What a great book! Piewackett, our C.I.C. (Cat in charge) is in love with the cats in the book. He is predicting a #1 bestseller. We are going to announce the book in our monthly newsletter.
Patti Black - Stained Glass Emporium, Montana USA


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