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We hope you enjoy reading through this selection from email, faxes and letters Jillian has received over the years. If you would like to send us your comments for inclusion, please contact Glass Books or Jillian Sawyer. We’d be happy to show them on our web site.

Colour My World

We just recently built a house and we decided that we wanted to do a big mosaic on our spare bathroom wall, so your girl in the bathtub inspired us. I thought you might like to see our interpretation in mosaics, so thought I would forward you a picture. Everyone that comes here absolutely loves it. Thanks for your wonderful ideas and motivation.
Lynne Webster

“Jillian's books are wonderful for adaptation to appliqué and fabric stained glass technique. The designs are suitable for fabric as the piecing dimensions for glass and fabric are very similar.” See Out of Step (Pelicans) appliqué
Dianne Johnston - Fabric Artist, Dianne Johnston Products, Queensland Australia

"I have been searching for a long time, for a pattern of a cockatiel. Imagine my excitement when I found the one in your book "Colour My World" in the Roundtoit File!! ... just couldn't resist to try to do this beautiful "Cockatiel in Pittosporum". I am thrilled with the results and thought I would let you know, that someone DID get aroundtooit. My next panel will be the Iris in the same book, for my bathroom door. Keep up with the beautiful patterns as I just love your work."
Lyndal Gill - NSW Australia

"I just bought your book A Stained Glass Journey which I enjoy very much. As you said in your Foreword, you started off learning from the designs of others and that is what I am doing, studying your designs. I would love to also buy your books Australian Federation Stained Glass and Colour My World … they would seem to be classics. I am an American living in Orleans, France. I wanted to let you know your work is appreciated on this side of the world. A bientot"
James Kearney - Orleans, France

“I have a couple of your books already and enjoy the projects in them immensely. A friend and I have heaps of fun picking out colours for the fairies and goblins. Keep the books coming we love your work. My friend has Colour My World which is also a fantastic book. Thank you very much you are an inspiration.”
Suzanne Hay - Australia

“Have just purchased your new book Colour My World which is great! Lots of inspiration contained within and, like yourself, I have a longstanding “roundtoit” file, called a sewing room. Now all I need is an extra six hours in every day!!!”
Jennie Benson - Western Australia

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