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We hope you enjoy reading through this selection from email, faxes and letters Jillian has received over the years. If you would like to send us your comments for inclusion, please contact Glass Books or Jillian Sawyer. We’d be happy to show them on our web site.

Dragon Wings

Two years ago I saw a very little advertisement in a quilt magazine. It was the front of your book Dragon Wings. I instantly fell in love and ordered the book. Now I've finished a quilt with Cernunnos. I'm a Dutch quilter and want to thank you for your lovely pattern. I attach a picture of my quilt. I hope you like it.
Lies Bos - Netherlands

“Love your designs, I have Faerie Lights and Dragon Wings … Keep up the good work.”
Sandra Gaspardone - British Columbia, Canada

“Having done a large number of your designs from three of your books, namely Faerie Lights, Sea Faeries and Dragon Wings, we thought we’d drop you a line to thank you very much for firstly creating the designs, and secondly, for making them available.
We have had great joy in making these items, which we very much admire, Visitors are usually also enthralled!
We’ve done all of the large faerie designs in the Faerie book, some of them two or three times, in different colour schemes. We’ve also completed about eight of the sea faeries. Our house is just full of them! They’re in every window that’s available. In fact, we’ve run out of windows in which to hang them!”
Kevin and Dawn Jackson - Dunedin, New Zealand

“The family have fallen in love with Elliot (Dragon Wings). Thank you for the delicate and charming patterns.”
Phillip Wright - Victoria, Australia

“I love your designs, especially your last book. I did Elliot for my grandson and he loves it. It was hard for me to part with it though because I love it too.”
Carol Tombro - North Carolina, USA


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