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We hope you enjoy reading through this selection from email, faxes and letters Jillian has received over the years. If you would like to send us your comments for inclusion, please contact Glass Books or Jillian Sawyer. We’d be happy to show them on our web site.

Frog Song

I have just been lucky enough to purchase your book Frog Song (it is fantastic). I have wanted this book for a long time now, as I am a big fan of frogs ... I am an avid quilter and have adapted your stained glass patterns for quilts. I have really enjoyed making these quilts. I have attached a picture of the first frog I did out of your book.
Jenny - Australia

“I just checked your website and saw that your new book Butterfly will be available…Thank you, thank you, thank you. I own every one of your books and have used you patterns, especially love Elliot the Dragon and Floyd the Frog, as gifts for family and friends. I see by comments that many people love Frog Song. I have recommended that book to so many stained glass people, so I must admit it is my favorite …
Again, thank you for all the pleasure you have given by your designs, even just perusing your books is a joy and I discover something new every time."

Carol Tombro - USA

"With great delight, I have just purchased your pattern book, Frog Song! I too love frogs and toads so was thrilled to find so many wonderful patterns in your book. They have such personality!
The comments in the Foreword made me laugh. In the spring and summer, I often have as many as 17 toads gather around in my small artificial pond where they mate and sing and combat for the best positions… I try to do my part to support this fragile part of the whole scheme of life. I am glad to have a kindred spirit in Australia."

Linda Knight - USA

“There are pattern books and then there are Jillian Sawyer books. This is what stained glass is all about!! Every aspect of this book is of the highest quality including; illustration, glass selection, craftsmanship, photography and book production. Frog lovers rejoice, there’s scores of designs to choose from. A real gem!!”
Stained Glass World - New York, USA

“I started collecting your books about a year ago with the intention of using them in stained glass quilting. I am a beginning quilter but I soon saw your work very useful in this medium. My sister quickly began an earnest collection as well and being the advanced quilter she is; began quilting a wonderful quilt with the help of your Frog Song book. Your books and work are awesome and I hope to see more of them. Thank you for your wonderful designs.”
Phyllis Walker - California, USA

“Many thanks for your wonderful books. I have only been doing stained glass for a year and already own four of your books. If I could only keep up with all the requests my family and friends are making! I only hope that I will have time in the near future to make one of my favourites for my own enjoyment! Your books have also inspired a couple of my friends who are new to the stained glass world. Your use of glass is incredible and has me drooling with every turn of the page (in particular with your Frog Song book) … I look forward to enjoying many hours creating your bevy of beauties!”
Donna Meisner – Alberta, Canada

“I was compelled to write you after purchasing your book Frog Song … the illustrations are remarkable and your use of colors and textures are perfect.”
Barbara Grasso

"Thank you for your beautiful book Frog Song. I don’t work with glass, but love doing ‘stained glass’ wall hangings in fabrics, using black bias binding in place of the lead lines. It is a gorgeous way of presenting your patterns."
Carolynne Murrell - Australia

"I just wanted to write you a note to tell you your new pattern book, Frog Song, is super! The glass that you picked out for the designs along with the expressions of the frogs are just perfect! I’ll probably do every frog you have in this book, just love them all! Thanks Jillian for your inspiration!"
Belinda Mauldin

"… a note of appreciation for your outstanding work catalogued in Frog Song. I am a biologist by training, your frogs have captured my heart."
Mike Reynolds - Virginia, USA

"I have just purchased your book, Frog Song, and am thrilled to pieces with it. I am a quilter (and) your drawings lend the way perfectly for quilts as the line for metal are perfect for machine stitching."
Jean York - Michigan, USA

"Add this to your growing stack of MY-GOSH-I-CERTAINLY-LOVE-YOUR-FROG-SONG-BOOK admirers! I thoroughly enjoy your attention to detail, your comments for each color picture and the extra little froggies stuck here and there. I also love the vast variety of glass you use."
Linda Seaman - California, USA

"… even though I never make anybody else’s designs, I just had to buy Frog Song. Thank you for your book full of wonderful designs and colors, great creativity and fantasy."
Olivia - Arizona, USA

“Jillian’s books never disappoint us! From A Stained Glass Journey to Faerie Lights our customers love the designs. To find better frog designs you’d have to go to the rainforest!”
Karen Carney, Custom Stained Glass - Michigan, USA

“When I saw your book with all the wonderful frogs, I am again reminded how talented some people are in creating works of art. Your artistry in design and use of glass is amazing.”
Rick Monson - Virginia, USA


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