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We hope you enjoy reading through this selection from email, faxes and letters Jillian has received over the years. If you would like to send us your comments for inclusion, please contact Glass Books or Jillian Sawyer. We’d be happy to show them on our web site.

Faerie Lights

I love your books and have used an outline of one of your fairies on a crazy quilt block I would like to submit the block for a crazy quilt calendar contest. The 13 winners will get some embellishment supplies, but the block will not be sold or reproduced for financial gain… Thank you very much for your permission to use this design and for your wonderful books. I have attached a picture of my block (12x12)

"Thank you for your wonderful 'glass' books of fairies and dragons. Fairies, in particular, have been a favourite of mine for many years. I thought you might be interested in seeing what happens when glass patterns are changed to wood patterns (see photos). I¹ve had to take some liberties with your patterns as wood tends to require a little more detail than glass. I don¹t do any glass work. I cut your patterns out on my scroll saw and paint them with folk art paints."
Jacqui McCloy Pell - Canada

“I am actually going to use your designs to make window hangings out of fabrics … I have always been intrigued by faeries but yours are THE most beautiful, gossamer creatures I have yet seen … and to think that you captured those intricacies in stained glass.”
Darlene Bernier - New York, USA

“Have purchased Faerie Lights with the intention of adapting for both stained glass patchwork and silk painting. Have thoroughly enjoyed browsing and am looking forward to using in my projects.”
Maureen Emmins - United Kingdom

“I found your book and what a jewel. It is fabulous. I don’t do glass but will use the patterns for embroidery or quilting. Just to look at the pictures is a treat. And yes, I see them too, being an Irish gal that loves all things Celtic and mystical. Thanks for such a wonderful jewel of a book. I’ve been looking for it for such a long time.”
Carol Dodson

“It is with the deepest gratitude for the generous sharing of your talent that I send this letter. Your Faeries sing to my soul and bring me great joy. Through them I can give a tangible gift of my love. May you be blessed with good health, happiness and abundance."
Charlotte A Mary - Maine, USA

“I just bought your book, Faerie Lights, and I simply love it, it is so beautiful. I am going to make my daughter the Faerie ‘Whisper’. Thanks for such a wonderful book.”
Audrey Hawkins - Canada

“You have some of the most beautiful patterns I have come across for copper foiling projects. I appreciate the detail in Australian flora and fauna and love the fantastical faeries.”
Vicki Scarr - Queensland, Australia

“Having done a large number of your designs from three of your books, namely Faerie Lights, Sea Faeries and Dragon Wings, we thought we’d drop you a line to thank you very much for firstly creating the designs, and secondly, for making them available.
We have had great joy in making these items, which we very much admire, Visitors are usually also enthralled!
We’ve done all of the large faerie designs in the Faerie book, some of them two or three times, in different colour schemes. We’ve also completed about eight of the sea faeries. Our house is just full of them! They’re in every window that’s available. In fact, we’ve run out of windows in which to hang them!”
Kevin and Dawn Jackson - Dunedin, New Zealand

“Love your designs, I have Faerie Lights and Dragon Wings … Keep up the good work.”
Sandra Gaspardone - British Columbia, Canada

"I just want to say I love the three books Faerie Lights, Sea Faeries and Bush Beauties. The pictures are literally gorgeous. I was not aware glass could look this great. You are my favourite designer.”
Martha Kanning - Montana, USA

“I wanted to drop a line and tell you how much I love your patterns in Faerie Lights and Sea Faeries. I live in the US and actually found your books in a quilt shop.”
Ann Marek

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