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Bush Beauties (Collectors Edition)
Foreword by Jillian Sawyer

In Australia, we have vast areas of untamed wilderness. Thousand of miles of harsh unforgiving country, sunburnt arid interior, lush seasonal wetlands, spectacular gorges, awesome outcrops, and always, always, the impression of age beyond old. This is the Great Australian Outback!

Generally just called The Outback, Aussies typically refer to these remote areas as:
The Back of Beyond
- a very long way from anywhere.
The Back of Nowhere - even further away.
Never, Never Land
- remote outback.
Beyond the Black Stump
- a long, long way from anything, or just
The Bush
- the hinterland, the outback, anywhere that isnít in town.

To further define The Bush youíll also need to know these terms:
The Back Blocks
- the outer suburbs.
Out in the Sticks
- out in the country, beyond the Back Blocks.

So, in the outer suburbs or in the country, the bush can start outside your back fence with all the delightful bush flora and fauna to go with it.

Now, welcome to BUSH BEAUTIES Collectors Edition which is a compilation of two earlier books, AUSTRALIAN BUSH BEAUTIES and MORE BUSH BEAUTIES.

To those of you who are familiar with these books, I am sure you will enjoy this bigger, brighter, better version. To those who arenít familiar with these productions, welcome to this Bush experience and remember, in Australia, the phrase just down the road can mean anything from a couple of hundred yards to a couple of hundred miles!

PS When Aussies want to get away from it all, we say theyíve Gone Outback, Gone Walkabout, Gone off the Beaten Track or just GONE BUSH.

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