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Faerie Frolics
Foreword by Jillian Sawyer

Have you ever been sitting quietly in the room at night, watching your cat staring intently at something in the corner of the room? What is it they see? Then as you are quietly contemplating whatever it is that holds their rapt attention, suddenly they erupt into action. Impossible leaps and back flips ensue, with moggie racing off across the back of the couches, under and over the furniture and careening around the room. Just as abruptly, all the action stops and puss sits there grooming as if nothing had happened!

If your mind works like mine, it’s almost like some unseen little being has jumped onto kitty’s back and gone on a wild, bucking ride!

As my mind wanders off into the tangents it does, I imagine those little Faerie beings catching all manner of nature’s creatures for a ride - sometimes to save their wings when they become tired, or in a working partnership to get Faerie chores done, or simply out of mischief, or the sheer fund of the ride.

Thus was born this book and my Faeries this time, are off about their daily business with their little Faerie realm friends.

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