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Faerie Lights
Foreword by Jillian Sawyer

Each of us finds at some stage in our life, there comes a time when we need some form of release. Those of us who enjoy working with stained glass, know that it helps to fulfil the spiritual side of our nature and returns us refreshed to our usual routine. Weaving stories around my childhood visions of Faeries, they took on a mature new life of their own, and in their creation I found a great deal of satisfaction and a curious sense of peace.

So from the creatures of the icebound mountains, lakes and fjords of Scandinavia and the dark woods of Europe, to the wild folk of Celtic fable and ancient Britain, from the strange beings of Ireland and the magic of Merlin of Arthurian legend, to the sweet little faerie at the bottom of the garden, come my Faeries.

Faerie legends from ages past abound and have always been part of folklore. What was fact and what was fantasy, has been distorted and interwoven by the mists of time. We were close to the earth then, more at one with nature, and who knows what creatures walked with us and talked with us? Now we have lost those links with nature and we no longer see or hear.

Whose loss? Theirs or ours? Ours I think!
I know a land where Faeries still exist in the valleys of my mind,
Alive and vibrant and where I can see them at will.
Maybe you see them too?

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