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A Stained Glass Journey
Foreword by Jillian Sawyer

This book is a journey through the years during which Brian and I have been involved in stained glass. At career beginnings you are influenced by others’ work in the field. Then gradually you develop your own style. When we stand back and take stock, we are mazed at the variety of style, design and concepts that have evolved from those early years.

The diversity of peoples lives, ideas, visions and influences is enormous and the lasting impact some of these personalities have had on our lives, be they clientele, student, family or fellow workers, is part and parcel of this journey:

To our peers, who have remained our friends from the formative years.

To our students, who years later still visit us and produce amazing work.

To our families, who love and support us always.

To our clients, whose challenges grace the pages of this book.

And to those strange, sometimes fleeting, sometimes lasting contacts and happenings that somehow send you barrelling in a new direction.

Brian and I thank you. We value you. You have enriched our journey.

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