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Teddy Bear Teddy Bear
Foreword by Jillian Sawyer

This book had to be. I am a Teddy Bear freak from ages back and have a huge hug of bears. I still have my childhood bear, Ted, a wonderful jointed Joytoys bear circa 1950, who mum said was bigger than me when she bought him. Ted's minus his ears where a puppy chewed them off and his eyes are a bit starey as the result of one being sewn back in not quite the right place. Of course, as any truly loved bear should be, he's a bit threadbare as well. He's a lovely old chap apart from all that.

I also still have my daughter's first bear. I made it for Kerin when she was born and sadly I guess I'll have to turn her over one day. I'll miss her pink and white loveliness and her bright blue eyes. All treasured, but some more than most, like the two Kerin sent from England when she was away and Mikey who travelled with her and who I made. Those given by Brian and Kerin as special gifts I'll love to bits forever and ever.

Teddy Bears have an insidious way of somehow multiplying, gradually appearing in every room in the house and becoming a decorating feature, conjuring up visions of antiques, vintage glass and lace. Brian has a couchful peering at him before sleeping and upon wakening - quite disconcerting at times. Each has its own character and they live in the bookcases, the shelves, in hatboxes, old suitcases, on toy bikes, benches and every available chair.

Of course, as every dedicated bear collector knows, when you acquire a new treasure he has to come home with his head peeping out of the bag so that he can see where he's going. Especially the ones rescued from swapmeet and places like that.

So you can see, as I said before, this book just had to be. For all the lovely Teddies included, I had to include just a few more realistic bears, some straddling the world between reality and caricature like Bbuzzy and The Polars. I hope you forgive the slight detour from our Teddies, but they are bears after all and from them our beloved Teddy Bear originated.

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