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Foreword by Jillian Sawyer

Through the years, when people have asked for a book on witches, I thought, 'my visions of witches are grey and black and spooky and I am such a faerie person in my heart - they're such airy, light, bright and happy creatures and witches are so much the opposite - how can I make such a book work?'

Well, as usual, once the imagination took over, I discovered a world full of fun and colourful characters.

I have chosen to infuse my witches with a little humour and a touch of cheekiness. There are a few that are a little threatening and maybe a little scary, but most are, I hope, delightfully wicked and deliciously delirious, with some being downright garish!

Then there are the wizards, warlocks and sorcerers - can't have a witch book without a few of these, whether they're wise or venerable, or strong and mean.

Of course, we can't forget the witch's mates, their Familiars - the cats, the bats, the rats, the crows and such. With these, I've taken carte blanche and made them delightful, evil, naughty and sometimes just plain stupid. I've had some fun with these!

This is a book of pure fantasy and I invite you to come fly with my Witches, wizards, harpies and hags, familiars, dark deeds, good witch and bad.


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