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Dog Designs
Foreword by Tessa McOnie

More than a year ago now I was watching my older brother playing rugby at a local park near our home. It was a night game under lights and I was caught up in the fun and bustle of the action both on and off the field - the players running around on the field mirrored by the children chasing and laughing on the sidelines, people talking and catching up and just the general atmosphere of what was one of those great social occasions that occur in neighbourhoods all the time. At this time also I was vaguely thinking about another book to follow Cat Designs. As the action continued around me I noticed a man and his dog strolling down to watch the game. She was a lovely dog and it got me thinking about the companionship, the love, the fun and just the pure joy that dogs bring to individuals and families.

Shortly after that night our family got our first dog. Dodge is a flat coated retriever and from the first day we got him I realised our lives would never be the same again. In the last year he has gone from being quite a handful to the point now where I call him my second brother. Everything any of us do with Dodge is always his favourite thing at that moment. I found inspiration not just from my own dog but from the hundreds of others I see at the parks and beaches in our neighbourhood. From the bitsers to the pure breeds to the Jack Russell sprinting down the sand dunes to chase an aeroplane, all of these have played their part in this book coming into being.  

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