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We hope you enjoy this selection of email, faxes and letters received over the years. If you would like to send us your comments for inclusion, please contact Glass Books or Jillian Sawyer or Tessa McOnie.

More fan mail and testimonials, relating to specific books, can be read on Our Catalogue page.

“I chanced on your website and could not stop myself from appreciating your work. Your patterns are one of the most vibrant I have chanced upon and they allow for creative use of this medium and capture its essence to the core. Keep up the good work and hope to see many more of your works”
S Vijay Kumar – Chennai India

“At last an opportunity to thank you for your inspiring leadlighting books. Unfortunately my ambitions far outweigh my capabilities but still I own most of your books. My absolute favourite is Frog Song! I look forward to recreating every last one of them … look forward to your next book of creations.”
Karen Parsons

“What makes Jillian Sawyer’s patterns so special? Well, anyone who’s tried knows there’s a lot more to designing for stained glass than just drawing pretty pictures. Stained glass has limitations, and balancing those limitations while maintaining the character and personality of the piece, is a real challenge. It boils down to a series of carefully chosen compromises and Jillian Sawyer clearly has a gift for it.”
Jim Matthews, Marketing Director - Spectrum Glass Company, USA

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your patterns.  I am working on your little Kingfisher right now.  I intend to adorn all of my windows with your beautiful work. So far I have the two scarlet macaws sitting side by side in my kitchen window and I am working on a window of your amazing butterflies.  I'm so glad to have your patterns.  I love the that little extra detail that you add to all of your drawings. There really is no one like you." 
Janet - Ottawa, Canada

“Your books are spectacular! I have them all and look forward to your next contribution. I use your designs for working in fabric, creating bedspreads and wall hangings. They never fail to please.”
Carolynne Murrell, OAM - Queensland, Australia

"I write to let you know what a delight (your books are) … they are all so inspirational and portray such realism. Well done! … I think one of the reasons I like your books so much is because of the way they engage my 'miraculous and magical' inner child … and a creative imagination is so good for us! I shall look forward to EVEN MORE! In the meantime, I shall take great delight and inspiration from the ones that already grace my bookshelves."
Elizabeth Magill - United Kingdom

"I craft art-kites and windsocks. I also make regular kites - affordable ones for children & families, but the art-kites are the type seen at major kite festivals, certainly more decorative than a simple diamond - and through a friend of mine who makes kites for pleasure only, he introduced me to your range of leadlight books. I must admit I've used a couple of patterns to make kites for my own use only, although I was tempted!!!
I've also referred to your designs for the use of colours in my own works, since a kite against the sky glows much like a piece of leadlight against the sunlight. I admire anyone who can draw and create original pictures. I can but copy....
Please be reassured that I have never sold anything with your designs on them - although I've received admirable comments about my most widely-travelled piece which is currently in USA after being flown at the kite festival there in August (2000). Kite makers often use designs which are of someone else's creation - but our art is in how the fabric colours go together or overlap to create a different shade. I'll send a couple of pictures to share this skill with you."
Linda Sanders - South Australia

“I started collecting your books about a year ago with the intention of using them in stained glass quilting. I am a beginning quilter but I soon saw your work very useful in this medium. My sister quickly began an earnest collection as well, and being the advanced quilter she is began quilting a wonderful quilt with the help of your Frog Song book. Your books and work are awesome and I hope to see more of them. Thank you for your wonderful designs.”
Phyllis Walker - California, USA

“I am a professional stained glass artist at Rowe Studios in Miami. Today I purchased your newest book Butterfly. I have been an admirer of your designs since falling in love with your Faerie Lights and Frog Song books. I love your designs because they do what I feel glass should do best – follow lines that are perfectly in balance with the demands of glass execution without sacrificing the symmetry of design. Your glass selection is imaginative and honest.
I encourage my students who have fallen in love with glass to purchase your books, attempt to build your designs and study your use of glass and color.
I guess this is a somewhat clumsy attempt to write a ‘fan letter’, which I have never done before, but I felt the need to thank you for giving me so much pleasure with your books. There are too few times in this world when we are touched by the beauty of someone else’s imagination and carry that smile away with us. Thanks again… can’t wait to see what you conjure next!

Marianne Vanevic – Miami, USA

“We truly love the designs in Jillian’s books. Our customers cannot wait to see her new books. They are sold before we get them in. They are so unique and interesting we have added them to our personal collection. We love your visions.”
Deborah Oliphant, Dragon Tears - Michigan, USA

“We’re stained glass suppliers and glass artists in the New York area. We’ve been doing glass for over 30 years and been promoting your books for the last ten. We truly admire your artistry and craftsmanship as they are exemplary.”
Jerry Fotinatos, Stained Glass Workshop - New York, USA

“I am a stained glass hobbyist who purely by chance stumbled upon your first faerie book WELL that sparked off a lot of late nights with oodles of creating beyond midnight. THANK YOU for supplying me the kick start to a most wonderful and fulfilling hobby. I just acquired your Frog Song book so I suppose next will be a sudden invasion of glass frog to join the already populated real frog menagerie in my garden.
I also now see that there is bound to be a butterfly book soon – Thank you again don’t stop designing and yes your books even add inspiration when I’m not doing glass.
Words are
really not enough when it comes to what your books mean to the soul of this hobbyist.
Eduard Liebenberg - South Africa

“…your patterns are not only beautiful but show wonderful humor, that we all need so much these days … I have been doing stained glass for about 30 years and your books are my favorites, thanks.”
Tom Detwiler - South Carolina, USA

“Your work is fantastic it’s great to see such colour.”
Rachael Greenwood - Victoria, Australia

“Thanks for the great amount of pleasure your series of books has brought me … the range and scope of your designs is truly amazing and inspirational.”
Wayne Gregory - New South Wales, Australia

“Jillian’s attention to detail is fantastic and an inspiration to anyone working in stained glass.”
Kirsten Fowler - Queensland, Australia

“Wonderful, wonderful inspirational work and artistry! Thank you for such fine publications.”
Maureen Gauvin - New Haven, USA

“Thanks for the wonderful designs. They are truly different from most of the rest.”
Carol Smith - Richmond, USA

“THANK YOU!!!!! I have just returned from my glass supplier with Frog Song tucked securely under my arm. Another great book from you that has been eagerly awaited. Whenever I feel a bit flat with my craft I only have to look into the pages of your books (yes, I have a couple) and I’m inspired once again. It is such a pleasure to make your pieces.”
Joanne Millard - Queensland, Australia

“I cannot hold off any longer but must write to tell you how much I appreciate your lovely books, of which I have three. You have so much talent in a warm and lovely way and give so much; poetry, lovely colour sense, gorgeous finished books…”
Ross Whipple - Finland

“I have a couple of your books and enjoy the projects in them immensely. A friend and I have heaps of fun picking out colours for the fairies and goblins. Keep the books coming we love your work … thank you very much you are an inspiration.”
Suzanne Hay - Australia

“Jillian’s books never disappoint us! From A Stained Glass Journey to Faerie Lights our customers love the designs. To find better frog designs you’d have to go to the rainforest!”
Karen Carney, Customised Stained Glass - Michigan, USA

“We love your work!!”
Lorraine Roberts - New South Wales, Australia

“These books are very popular with all my students, male and female alike. Great stuff.”
Jenny Hope - Stained Glass Teacher, NSW Australia

“Thank you for giving me so much inspiration via your wonderful books.”
Jan Young - North Queensland, Australia

“I have buy two of your books and I do six of your glass windows. Wonderful books. Sorry my English is not so good!!”
Rosalba Casablanca - Milano, Italia

“I think your designs are the best I’ve ever seen.”
Margaret Axford - Queensland, Australia

“I would just like to say thank you for your fantastic books. I am a stained glass newbie based in South Africa and have found your work to be inspirational and awesome.”
Sarah Kunneke - South Africa

“I have been doing stained glass for about 18 years … your designs are the finest of any that I have had the pleasure of constructing.”
Gail Maclanders - Ontario, Canada

“We carry a lot of pattern books in our store … we’re proud to carry all of yours.”
Dolly and Lloyd Wolf, D&L Stained Glass - Florida, USA

“I am just a beginner, but I love your designs. Thank you.”
Maureen Howard - Western Australia

“It is with the deepest gratitude for the generous sharing of your talent that I send this letter. Your Faeries sing to my soul and bring me great joy. Through them I can give a tangible gift of my love. May you be blessed with good health, happiness and abundance."
Charlotte A Mary - Maine, USA

“The books are even more beautiful than I expected. I am looking forward to more of the same kind of books (suncatchers) from you.
Carina Papenfus - Pretoria, South Africa

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