Jillian Sawyer

Jillian Sawyer was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1949 where she tried all sorts of arts and crafts as she grew up. It wasn’t until a stained glass studio opened next door to the deli (corner store) she operated with husband, Brian, that Jillian first tried her hand at stained glass. She had found her medium!

In 1983 they moved to Perth, Western Australia, to set up Firebird Leadlights and began designing, constructing and teaching the art of leadlight and copper foil.

Jillian’s exceptional talent for design led to the publishing of her first title in 1987. With worldwide sales growing every year, Jillian now devotes her time fully to creating books.

Jillian finds an enduring appeal in the simplicity and naivety of line drawings. Simple they may seem, but the subjects in her fluid, beautiful designs exude a great sense of individual personality and life, whether they be frog, faerie or flower.

Read more about Jillian in a review in The Score, a Spectrum Glass publication.

Copyright of Jillian Sawyer’s designs remains her property at all times. However, she is very happy for people to share the joy of making them up, in whatever craft or medium, for personal use only, not for financial gain and acknowledging that it's a Jillian Sawyer design. This protects both the high standard of her work and her livelihood.

Jillian can be contacted on firebird@iinet.net.au

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