Cat Designs by Tessa McOnie

Too many pattern books are successful because they are 'cute', and merely because they are cute. Cat Designs, by Tessa McOnie is, by it's very nature, cute; but it doesn't stop there. Tessa's work has real artistic merit. I am going to take advantage of my degree as an art educator and Tessa's youth (she is still in high school!) and grade her on her first book:

For draftsmanship - A
For her ability to capture the true essence of the personality of cats - A+
For translating her art into workable stained glass designs - A
For the book's layout and presentation - A (including the original sketches is a brilliant touch and further proof that this is the work of a talented hand)

I am giving 'extra credit' for Tessa's use of wire-overlays to carry through physical emphasis lines and whiskers. I am also impressed by her instructions for strengthening possibly weak points in the engineering of the designs.

If I find anything wanting in Cat Designs, it would be that Tessa did not 'complete the frame' for stained glass applications, and thereby control the use of extraneous lines that will be needed if these are done as full panels.

Despite this one criticism, Cat Designs is a stellar introduction to a mature artist, and would be so no matter what Tessa's age. Her youth only makes it more remarkable.

Stu Goldman, Managing Editor
GLASScraftsman Magazine - USA

The Butterfly Fantasies of Jillian Sawyer

It's been more than a dozen years since we first discovered a stained glass designer from Australia named Jillian Sawyer. At that time she had just published her first pattern book, “Australian Bush Beauties.” Very impressive! Since then, Jillian has delighted her fans with nine more books. While she has a wonderful flair for traditional concepts, Jillian's true mark upon the stained glass world has been made with forays into fantasy characters such as “Faeries” and Dragons. In these, she has found her niche and captivated the imaginations of glass lovers around the world.
The Score - September 15, 2004 [View Article]

This pattern book is about to take flight, it’s so full of fun and colorful butterfly patterns. A few of the patterns take a fantastic approach of merging butterflies with human forms, but most of the butterflies in this collection look just like the lovely fluttering creatures you’re likely to see out your window each spring.
Delphi Glass - Michigan, USA

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