Tessa McOnie

Tessa McOnie is an emerging West Australian artist with a passion for a variety of mediums including all forms of painting, charcoal drawing, jewellery making, stained glass design and manufacture. From the moment she started working in stained glass, Tessa began designing her own pieces. Anyone who has tried designing for glass will know just how difficult it is and what a gift Tessa has to be able to overcome all the technical restraints in order to achieve such beautiful fluid works of art.

Having always had the company of a family cat, Tessa currently has two Siamese called Storm and Dust. She has a deep bond with her pets, which also include a possessive parrot called Nibbles and several tropical fish. Yes, even the fish interact with her. The cats orbit her, whether it’s for play, food or just good company and Nibbles just wants to have her all to herself all the time. Unfortunately for Nibbles, she also has to share Tessa with a dozen quail and a Flat Coated Retriever called Dodge. (The quail numbers may drop if Dodge has his way.)

Everything flora and especially fauna are close to Tessa’s heart. She has an awareness of the finest details in the natural world about her and an intuitive understanding of animal behaviour. The simplicity and beauty of Tessa’s designs demonstrate both her skill as a designer and her intimate observations and empathy for creatures of all kinds. Art and design is a creative outlet that provides Tessa with enormous pleasure and satisfaction. She hopes that you’ll enjoy her designs as much as she’s enjoyed creating them.

Copyright of Tessa McOnie’s designs remains her property at all times. However, she is very happy for people to share the joy of making them up, in whatever craft or medium, for personal use only, not for financial gain and acknowledging that it's a Tessa McOnie design. This protects both the high standard of her work and her livelihood.

Tessa can be contacted on tessamconie@iinet.net.au

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